Plarn I made a couple years ago
 So I'm looking around this sad little neglected blog of mine to find info of when I made a plarn shopping bag a couple years ago, for Earth Day (Happy Earth Day, BTW). And it appears that I not only didn't post anything about it, I barely took any pictures. Silly me. ;p
Sometimes I'm pretty good about taking photos and notes on projects, and sometimes not.
I found my early crocheting notebook, with patterns that I was writing down as I went along, but nothing on the plarn bag. Bummer. I don't even know what hook I used. But I do remember one thing: I used mostly good bags, but a few bad ones.
Good bags, in this particular instance, are the nice squishy grocery bags that are strong, but pretty thin. The 'bad' bags, were the heavier plastic, either soft heavy almost like a garbage bag, or crunchy heavy, mostly from book stores. I guess to carry books, they need to be heavier. Go figure.
I was looking for something to re-inspire me crochet-wise. I've made bunches of scrubbies, but got a little bored with no challenging project. And then I saw this blog on my trip 'round the interwebs, and got that inspiration I was looking for! I guess the spring time brings out the eco-friendly part of me.
So I dug all the plastic bags off the back porch. Despite having nice reusable bags that I use most of the time, we do definitely collect bags! I decided to sort through and not make a variegated plarn like last time. Digging through the various kinds and colors we have, I decided to also go home town with this project, so I'm starting with Super Saver yellow, and then I'll work on Russ's white with black and red. I've got a three inch ball so far, and I will accept donations only of the yellow.
I've been wanting to rearrange things on the blog for a while, and update from the old design. The background photo is of a watercolor I did in high school, one of my favorites.

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