Two Thousand Eleven

Well, here it is a new year again.
'Bout time for some updating 'round here. Yup.
For one, Bloglines is no longer, so there's no longer a nice long list of artsy/craftsy blogs over there, but I imagine most folks these days use a reader, so maybe you didn't notice. I'm gonna update the background and header and all that stuff soon, so I'll get a nice crafty list going again.
The best part of the new year is I'm typing right now on my new birthday/Christmas gift from the BFF, a MacBook! So picture me sitting in some coffee shop, typing away. Now remove that image, I don't really 'do' coffee shops. But there are plenty of places I will take my new toy.
With something new, even as great as it is, there are changes, and I haven't yet figured the best way to get my photos from the main computer to here easily. Thus, no photo for this post. boo.
But here's a few mental pictures for you, of the things I'm working on or thinking of. You know, scheming about. lol
Paper crafting Zombies at work with my gift to myself, a calendar with a new paper craft Zombie for each month. Just finished January, "The Business Man" yesterday. Good break time activity. Got me thinking more about paper crafting. Wondering what it would take to make my own patterns??
Got an ad the other day in the mail, with four reproductions of famous art work, on nice paper, a little bigger than 8 x 10, and I'm thinking of some interesting ways to enhance them. The Artist Extreeme has claimed one that he wants to paint a Flying Spaghetti Monster into, and I've claimed the Monet for bead embroidery. Now what exactly do I want to do with the Mona Lisa?? Tons of ideas. Maybe cut the mouth open to make a kind of puppet, or cut out the eyes to make it a mask. The Artist Extreeme thought to maybe paint a smiley face over the actual face. Could also hook up some tiny motion sensitive lights, and put it in a frame, to freak people out. That might be fun.
And thinking about starting the Artist's Way again. And heard Lynda Barry being interviewed, so I was inspired to get her two new books. Maybe I can sort of combine the Lynda Barry ideas into the Artist's Way ideas.
And off to choir!

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