Plushie Software

You've probably already seen this if you read Boing Boing.
This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!! It's a program to design plushies! Go watch the video even if, like me, you're a mac user and can't actually try it! But the video is sooo cool. Link
If anyone tries it, please let me know!

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Annie said...

Hello'ello :]

I was impressed by this software, but not too impressed. It was glitchy as hell, and has a habit of spazzing out and ruining patterns the user (ahem) might have spent a long time on.

Buuut considering that this is apparently just a beta release of the program, I'm keeping my eye on any future developments.

If the author gets rid of the glitches, I can most definitely see it being a valuable tool to anyone into plush crafting.