The Bag

Close up of bag
To rectify not having photos of the bag, I got out my camera this afternoon and snapped a few.
In this close up, you can see there were many colors. Too many, too random. But it's cute.
Someone gave me huge bags, like garbage size, but in the same nice light grocery bag plastic, in pink.
I wish I would have saved all that pink until I thought about how to use it. I've never seen any other pink bags.
And the orange were from bags given out right around Halloween, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for those.
One thing I remember about making this bag, as I said I made it for Earth Day a couple years ago, and I was so excited to make it. We had a big Earth Day celebration at church, and we were thinking about the things we could each do ahead of time. On that Sunday, we each were supposed to write down the things that we were going to do or have done. I wrote down that I made the bag, but then I was too shy to show people afterward. I had it with me, but I just got a case of the shys, don't know why.
Sometimes I have trouble tooting my own horn. I'm sure we all have that sometimes.
So I'll toot about it now!

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