This is an ongoing live art project. Come be part of the fun!
So the idea is that we grow a barter system of folks who enjoy shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, etc; LOVE finding a great deal, & maybe want to share (or sell) the good deals, but don't want to buy everything and become a hoarder. ;p
For example, I see a board game at the thrift store, I want the board game money and certain pieces, but I don't necessarily want the other pieces, the board, or the box. I know there are some great projects can be made from the parts I don't want for myself, so I also don't want to get rid of something you might be looking for. Perhaps if I find other kindred spirits who want the other parts of the game, we can lick the platter clean.
I'll start the project here with these instructions, and list my personal Thrift Wish List. If you would like to add a wish to the list, leave a comment, or e-mail me, and I'll add it. Then the cooperative up cycling fun starts!
Of course, what I'm suggesting does need to include a level of trust. That's part of the art project of it all. How do we grow this barter system with trust? First of all, I think, we start small. I'm going to set the example with a five buck limit, and just a couple items, and we'll see how this works. We'll keep an open dialogue and change things when needed as we go along. If the project grows bigger than I can handle here, we'll deal with that if/when it happens.

When I list something on the Thrift Wish List, I'll list what I want and what I'm willing to pay. When you send me your wish, I'll add it to the list, and what you're willing to pay. Anyone can shop for things on the list, regardless of if you have something listed yourself. Putting something on the list is agreeing to pay for it. The paying should happen before the shipping of, and the payor should pay for the shipping. duh, right. And we'll all be reasonable about it. I'll help with reminders as needed, since I'm collecting the list here.

Please feel free to leave comments. Can't grow without a little pruning, ya' know.

Thrift Wish List

  • Board game paper money, other than regular Monolopy. I would spend $1 - $2 for one games' worth of money.
  • Monolopy variation or knock-off Pawns, the set of six metal (or metal-looking) playing pieces. I would spend 50 cent - $1 for a set, even if one's missing.
  • Glow-in-the-dark beads. Cheaper than store price, up to $5.
  • Large glass marble with lots of bubbles inside. Couple bucks.

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