First PMC

This is my first attempt at PMC (precious metal clay). I knew my first try wouldn't be perfect, but I made it just for me, and I love wearing even with it's flaws.
I made the outside shape freehand, the hole with a straw, and for the main decoration, I pressed a wooden Meeple (playing piece originally from the game Carcassonne) into the clay. I kinda wanted to cut around the Meeple shape, for a cut-out, and I think I will try that at a later time, but with my first try, not knowing quite how the clay felt and handled, I was more comfortable just pressing it in.
Plus, I'm interested in (eventually) learning how to put colored enamel on the silver clay, so I thought at some point, I could experiment with this pendant and enamel.
The necklace is just a hemp cord that I have to tie off each time I wear it, but I couldn't find the kind of necklace that I really wanted.

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