Perfection Procrastination

A little story of overcoming that putting-it-off-till-it’s-perfect crap!

Remember that bag I crocheted and fulled way back when? (back when I could upload photos easily) I loved it when I was making it, I loved it when it was done, but it wasn’t quite finished, it needed the perfect button. And by gads, I would make it the perfect button! Since I’m a polymer clay artist, I will make a button in just the perfect size and shape, in the colors that will mirror the fringe.

Now lately, I’ve been getting all my poly clay supplies organized, my art supplies overall organized, my house organized, my brain organized…well, you get the picture, more organizing than actually doing. And so the button had yet to be made, and the purse had yet to be used.

Yesterday, a busy day for a Summer Sunday, we were getting ready to leave for theatre in the park*, and I was troubling over what to take with me. I had a few things I needed to take, you know: keys, wallet, sunglasses, but didn’t want to take my regular (read: big and heavy) purse. Too bad I hadn’t finished that perfect button, because this was exactly the occasion that I made my little purse for.

Well, in perfect shell style (I’ve been known to make a pair of earrings in the car on the way to where they will be worn), twenty minutes before we have to leave, I decide that I can make the perfect button later, and I need to find the good-for-now button right NOW! Poor BFF (boy friend forever) making a sammich as I’m whipping things out of my art supply closet, throwing things around him on the table, he had no idea what my crazy brain was up to! I knew I had a couple choices of buttons that would probably work, and I found one that works just fine. And even if I don’t make that perfect button soon (or ever), at least I didn’t let my cute little purse sit in some box waiting for perfection.

Rah! For overcoming perfection procrastination! On to the next ‘waiting’ project!

*We have the coolest theatre experience here in Lincoln. In the huge park on the edge of town is a theatre in a little valley, surrounded by pine trees (thus the name Pinewood Bowl). Every summer around this time, they put on a musical under the sun and stars. The doors open at least an hour early so you can get a park bench seat, or find the perfect place to park your lawn chairs or blankets. By the time the show starts, the sun is behind the trees, and they time it perfectly so intermission is hitting right when dusk is over, and the second half of the show is lit with stage lights, and a wide screen on the side of the stage shows close-ups of the action.

It’s always a great experience just to be in an outdoor theatre, but the shows are awesome, too. This year it’s The Music Man (it runs again next weekend if you’re local), my uncle happens to be one of the producers, and this year, my young cousin was in the ensemble, too, which made it even more fun to watch!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you come by it naturally. Your mama was always hemming a skirt/jeans/slacks in the car on the way to vacation site. She still does!