4-H Projects

More stuff that mom brought me from my childhood included this set that I made in 4-H and took to the county fair. I thought they were kinda lame at the time I made them, but now they're just cute.
The 'serving tray' was an old cookie pan, in case you couldn't tell, spray painted and decorated. The 'hot dish mat', as it was named by the intake person who must have been from Minnesota, is a piece of cork with felt glued to the back, also spray painted and decorated.
I bought a can of clear matte finish that I'm going to spray them both with, (like the judge suggested), and the tray will work perfectly in my cupboard to hold all my spices. (That's a big project for another day!)
Below, along with removing the address, since my parents still live there, I added the notes from the judges.


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