Sick and Dirt

What is that old saying about making plans?
I must have been trying to test that this week. ;p
I've been wanting to plant some tomatoes for the last few years, not knowing where to put them. Last year I decided that right in front of my porch, on the opposite side of where I have a decent flower garden, in the space I didn't get any flowers to set in, that's right where I could put some tomatoes. But last year, I didn't get around to it.
Sunday I saw some good looking plants at the grocery store, for a very reasonable price, so I decided this was the year! I found six Best Boy tomatoes for about two dollars, and looking over all the other veggies, no eggplant, but a nice red pepper plant for about a buck, already in a peat pot.
Monday I found I had picked up a nasty (but luckily short-lived) flu bug from Rawk Star, which knocked me out for all of Monday and most of Tuesday, and by Tuesday evening, the poor pepper plant looked pretty forlorn. So I was determined to get the plants into the ground last night, and despite discovering that while I have several little fork-y things, and one little hoe-y thing, I did not have any little spade-y things*, so I had to break up the dirt with the fork-y one, and dig it out with the hoe-y one. I got all the crud cleaned up around the area, got all the plants planted, and even found some mulch I had forgotten about to spread around them.
The tomatoes look pretty good, though I know I planted them too close together (but that's to compensate for some of them dieing), but the poor pepper plant was still a bit forlorn. I rushed out this morning, disappointed that the pepper did not have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree moment and was magically beautiful, but I'm not giving up on it just yet.
*Can you tell by my accomplished vernacular that I don't know that much about gardening?
photos have been taken, will be shared when the network decides it likes me again

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