Happy Arbor Day!

Yesterday was one of my favorite things about working for the state: Arbor Day is a paid holiday here! I got Friday off, the kids still had to go to school (hey, they get the whole summer off!), so I could do my own things.
First a little nap, which turned into sleeping too long, but I guess I needed it! The afternoon and evening, I spent working on my art supply cupboard, which I am affectionately calling my 'nest'. I got it all rearranged, and mostly organized, fitting the various tubs, boxes, and crates in like a Tetris puzzle. I will need to reorganize some of the stuff in some of the containers as I use them, and hang up a few things on the insides of the cupboard doors, but it's mostly done.
Done enough, that I was able to start a project this morning that's been working in the back of my head for a while, it was right in the front of my cupboard, and I had a few minutes, so I did a little work. That's my goal, to be able to work even a little at a time. With no dedicated arts-n-crafts room or area that I can leave things out, I have to be more organized, thus the nest.
In crocheting news: I made two hats this week!
I made up a pattern starting Tuesday, finished the first hat Wednesday, wrote it all down, as best I could, and tried to recreate it Thursday and Friday. The second hat is slightly different than the first, in a couple small ways, so I'm working on the third one now, trying to perfect the pattern. When I get the pattern figured out for sure, I'll share it! Here's a tease: the name of the hat is the Granny Star Hat.
Off to crochet club, maybe one of the experienced hookers can tell me where the second hat is different.

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