Sandals, Segues, & Super Glue

I am a skirt gal. Work clothes, chore-doing clothes, even my jammies usually aren’t pants. My problem is that I haven’t found awesome shoes that work with skirts in the cold months. I’m not a ‘dress shoe’ gal, which lends itself to the problem. Sandals and skirts, that’s me. I get teased for wearing my sandals into November, but I don’t get them out too early in the spring, my toes are shy of the chill in the very early spring. Our spring so far has been overcast and soggy and cold most weeks, and the heating/cooling at work tends to be really strange this time of the year, though I have been able to get the sandals out a couple weekends. Today is the first week day that my little toesies were brave enough to come out and play! And I’m wearing my $5 sale skirt for the first time! Yay Spring!
Another sign of spring has wheeled by me every workday for a couple weeks. Picture this: a well pant-suited woman in maybe her 60’s, completing her outfit with a light leather coat and cabbie cap, short gray hair flipping in the breeze as she zips by you on a Segue. On her way home each day, she goes down the street my parking lot is on. She is an everyday hero, an inspiration to do my part for the Earth, and to be myself! The first time I saw her, I was chatting with my brother who lives close to my parking lot, and we both commented how cool it was to see. Last week, I tried to share my excitement with a co-worker also on her way to the lot, and pointed out ‘Isn’t that cool!?’ to the reply, ‘kinda weird for Nebraska’ (from a gal who drives a huge white pickup truck every day to an office job). All the more inspiration to be myself, Nebraska is full of all kinds of people, despite what stereotypes are put on us, by outsiders and insiders alike.
And in my parking lot, just a couple days ago, I thought I found a treasure! I watch the ground as much as the sky for beauty and inspiration, and occasionally, on the ground there might be something worth picking up. I have ideas of found art, and Artist Extreeme is always collecting cool stuff for his projects as well. So on the ground the other day, was a full tube of super-ish glue. Full. I just bought a new bottle of brush on, finding the brush perfect for some tasks, but one can always use another tube of glue. Score! I thought, and went to pick it up. Well, it must not have been completely full…some of the glue was used for it’s last act of gluing…it was glued to the concrete! As I stood up, I glanced around to make sure I wasn’t being pranked, and laughed. I was pranked by some random accident.

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The Sick Chick said...

I used to be all about skirts, but I get so cold and the wheelchair wheels get caught up on fabric that I now have to wear trousers at times. Still, I wear skirts when it's warm (and dry, the main problem here) and just got a new turquoise linen skirt in Paris and plan to get another recycled sari silk skirt (I've been wearing these since the early 90s, long before it was trendy) soon!