Dreaming Of Crocheting

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Since I'm still not able to get new photos uploaded, and the blog is getting awful word heavy, I dug through a bunch of old photos already on flickr to find a good one to share.
Here is adorable Baby Shelly, brand spankin' new to the world. I labeled this as being 1964, but since I was born only 11 days before the end of the year, and a full seven of those I was still unwrapped in the hospital, this is probably actually 1965.
I remember this quilt, no not from this time of my life, from later! It was multicolored, maybe even a using up leftovers kind of project. I'm sure it is crocheted just by looking at it, but I don't remember who made it, this photo wasn't taken at our house, it was at Grandma's. I wonder where this awesome quilt is now? And I wonder if I can figure out the pattern just from the photos?

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