Felted Bag: The Yarns

Old Wool
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I've probably mentioned before that sometimes my mom will bring me yarn or other crafty supplies that are discards from one of their volunteer jobs. (thanks again, Mom!) And last year, part of the leftovers included this old fuchsia wool. I knew this wool would be perfect to experiment with felting, and the fun fur yarn that I thought was the same lot number, but wasn't (see photo below), would be perfect to go with it.
I started two weeks ago, this was my breaks-at-work project, mostly. I didn't take any in-progress photos, sorry. I decided to just make one long rectangle, fold it over, and stitch up the sides to make a pouch type of bag. I wasn't sure the best way to add the fun fur, and started out crocheting both together, until I realized that the wool probably wouldn't felt too much if the fun fur was completely mixed in. So I decided to aim for the fun fur to be at the bottom. I single crocheted along with just the wool, then added the fun fur, then back to just the wool, then decreased on the sides a bit and made a flap.
I was very impressed with myself when I actually made a kind of buttonhole in the flap. We'll see how that turns out! I started and frogged the handle part several times, first thinking I wanted it to be round like the inspiration bag, but ending up with a very cool flat stitch.

Not the Same

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