Felted Bag: The Inspiration

Thrifted Purse
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I go thrifting fairly often. In fact, one of my favorite grocery stores is my favorite partly because of being right next to a little thrift store. So it's pretty easy to scan the thrift store quickly before getting the groceries. (not so quickly if I have a kid with me, I think they like thrifting even more than me if that's possible)
About a year ago I saw this cutie purse, which appears to be partly felted, and partly fun fur. Funny thing, I didn't buy it the first time I saw it, then I kicked myself for a week until I went back, and luckily it was still there! It is not a size I would use, which is partly why I didn't buy it the first time, but I bought it for inspiration. I took a bunch of photos of it, and gave it to a wonderful young woman who enjoys it very much.
This was way back before I could crochet, when I was just starting with the knifty knitter, but I really wanted to make something cute like this.

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