Felted Bag: Before the Washer

Before the Washer
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I've been going to a crochet club on Saturday mornings for the last few weeks, but today as I was getting ready, I was trying to figure out what project to take, and the only project I could think of was this bag. It was just finished as of last night, and I was very excited to try felting it, so I decided to play hookie from club this morning, and work on felting it instead.
You can see from the photo, that the bag got bigger where the fun fur was added, this wasn't surprising, but I hadn't thought it through so I was very glad I had put it at the bottom. After the fun fur, the rectangle was a little larger than it had been, but I compensated for that when I stitched the sides together.
I added the decoration on the handle to mask some bulky stitches. The beginning of the handle flowed very smoothly, but stitching the handle back into the bag wasn't quite so smooth. So some extra color to cover that up!

There are more 'before' photos at flickr, just click on the photo to get there.

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