Felted Bag: One Wash Down

Once through the wash
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After restarting the washer, I had to walk away, I was starting to obsess too much! I forced myself to just wait until the wash cycle was finished to peek again.
So after one trip through the washer, this little wet doggie of a bag is still a little soapy, but I'm doing the look-what-I-made dance and singing 'it worked! it worked!' until I woke up the rest of the house!
It needed another trip through, and felted up even a little more. It's now happily in the dryer for a little bit to just take the edge of the wetness off, then will be dried flat overnight.
Photos of the finished and dry bag tomorrow, now it's off to chores!
(but I certainly don't mind chores as much when I have already done something soooo cool today!)

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The Sick Chick said...

Sorry I am so far behind on commenting!

Anyway I just wanted to say that dish detergent is more used for hand felting, any laundry detergent should be fine for machine work. You just want the water to be slippery, to lubricate the fibers so that they slip and slide more (and thus get more tangled together, which is what felting is).