Felted Bag: IN the Washer

Originally uploaded by seeshells.
Working on the handle last week at crochet club, I got a little discouraged about this project, when the gals were discussing the kinds of stitches that worked well for felting. Whoops, I hadn't even thought about what KIND of stitches to use. Now after it's done, I see on many sites that people recommend bigger stitches. I figured the handle would be fine, but was still a bit worried about the bag itself...
I stuffed it full of plastic grocery bags before washing, thinking that would help the front and back not stick to each other, but of course all the bags did was come out and get washed with the rest of the stuff. ;p
But with the bag all stuffed with bags, I thought maybe the stitches were big enough.
I used the hottest temperature, the smallest size load, added Dawn dish detergent because one blog said Dawn specifically worked very well to help felt, added a towel and a pair of jeans, and let it go through the agitation cycle once, then the whole wash cycle again.

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