Felted Bag: Sans Button (and Photo)

Well, I must have used up my photo mojo Saturday, when I went I went to upload the "finished" photos, I'm somehow locked out of iPhoto. It's some networking issue, and the BFF will have to figure it out later this week. Then I'll put up more photos.
The bag is very cute, and I'll just need to find or make a button in the right size for it, and it will be done.
The only thing that I didn't really like in the whole process was some tiny white-ish bits of fluff that got felted into some of the fiber. Probably from the towel I put in the wash with it, or just from the washer itself, it really wasn't much at all. But I had to get every last piece off, with scissors and duct tape. I'm not sure if putting it in a pillowcase bag, which I had decided not to do, would have stopped that, but I may try that net time.
And since then, nothing on the hook. I don't know why, I guess I'm just not sure what to do next. I'm kinda tired of dishcloths at this moment, and I read the chart pattern to learn a granny square, so I think I might be able to read another chart, and maybe I'm this close *.........* to being able to read a real pattern, so what to tackle next?
Maybe I'll frog that last dishcloth and try a different hat, those colors are too cute not to wear!

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