Even if you know nothing about LOST the television show (where have you been hiding?) here's enough info for you to grock the point of this post:
LOST is a huge mystery. A mystery within a mystery. And everything and anything can be a clue, anything on the show itself, or on the mini-games and clips on the web. The interest in this show (IMHO) is trying to piece together clues, and come up with theories on what is actually going on. Maybe like a giant interactive game of Clue, or one of those murder mystery parties.
Not too long ago, one character was doing some watercolor painting. I always love to notice when television or movie characters do arts and crafts, it doesn't seem to happen that often. And unfortunately, a lot of the times I've seen characters doing arts and crafts the character was where this one was: a mental hospital. (So does television tell us only mental patients do arts and crafts? I don't think so, I just think television doesn't want to remind us too often about the creative things we could be doing while or instead of watching-it doesn't want the competition. ;p That's my crackpot theory, and I'm sticking to it.)
So this character was painting with watercolors, and I, like every other LOST watcher I presume, started thinking about the clue that was in the painting. Does it mean he was abducted by Penny's people that are stationed in the Arctic? Does it mean the LOST writers are going with the super crackpot (again, IMHO) theory of the hollow Earth, and that the island they are on is directly tunneled to the North Pole? Does it represent that character himself, and that he was at some point in the cold weather?
Sorry, I probably lost a few non-LOST-ers there. Suffice it to say that there was much speculation over the painting.
Anyway, I heard an interview with this actor, and when questioned about the painting, he admitted that the producer just told him to paint, not what to paint. So whereas the actor thought about what his character might paint, the producer and writers did NOT have a specific clue in mind.
Sometimes a cigar is really just a cigar. But why he's eating the Cheetos is still a controversial question. ;p

There's lots of places out there on the net with screen grabs, I got this one from one of my favs: Lost Easter Eggs. Thanks.

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