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Sadie, Sadie, Pencil Lady
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Don'cha love it when your different projects or interests blend together almost as if they were meant to work that way, without you really even doing anything? I do.
I was working on the second project in the Felt Underground kit, a monster pencil case, and I was going to use my own colors for this one, but I wasn't inspired to make it a monster, and wasn't sure about their directions. They started you off with two big rectangles, and one small one for the bottom (they had it standing up). They didn't have a ton of step-by-step photos, and I wasn't sure how they planned to make the one smaller rectangle work as the bottom, but I liked the zipper in the center, so I got started.
Somewhere in the not understanding their instructions, and wondering what I would use this for, it being rather thin, it hit me to put a thin strip all the way 'round, to make it an actual 3D rectangle with the zipper turning into the most beautiful monster mouth as soon as I turned it sideways. ;p
Where she's from, the moles and facial hair are signs of true beauty. And her name just popped into my head as I was sewing her eyelashes on, it's a derivative of the song Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady from the movie Funny Girl.
The most perfect part about how she morphed, is that she is now the perfect place for my Art Journaller supplies, and that's another step closer to my Art Scout button!

Sadie Barfing Pencils

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