Finally Feeling Better

I was pretty much out of commission the last few days. The last time I felt well enough to practice my crocheting was last Thursday afternoon, with a sick kid using me as a pillow. Hmm, maybe being a pillow for a sick kid was part of my down fall into getting sick myself. Oh, well. They get nothing but older, and soon won't need even a mama pillow when they're sick, so I won't complain. (At least not now that I'm better.)
Whoo. That nasty bug sure knocks you on your butt! We all took turns having it here at our house, and almost 1/2 of the crafty blogs I read all have had it at their houses, too. You can't catch it through the blogosphere, right?
Anyway, a wasted weekend, two sick days off work, and I'm back to 70%, although not enough voice to sing. I was so glad to be feeling a little better last night, I think I crocheted myself some carpel tunnel. So tonight, I'll just play some Sims Castaway while watching BB9 and Project Runway. What? Sims Castaway is creative! All my little Simmys have to sew their own clothes out of banana leaves! ;p

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