Mini Review

Since I mentioned the felt kit that My Guy got me, I thought I should give a little review in case any of ya'll might be interested.
The best part of this kit, is that all the patterns come from crafters across the web-o-verse. The websites of the pattern makers are all listed in the back of the little book. The worst part of the kit is that the book is really stiff and hard to deal with as an instruction book, I had to kinda break the spine, and I still had to use a stickie note to hold the pages open.
I didn't mean to spoil a gift by finding out how much it cost, but when I saw the price when I looked up the link, I thought that it was just about right. There are nice supplies, and the book has some good patterns, and some not-so-good, like any pattern-type book.
This is a super kit for someone who's interested in working with felt and has never tried it. Because of it's inexpensive-ness, and cool patterns collected from web crafters, it's also a great kit for someone who already works with felt.
Felt Kit

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