Making the Universe Laugh...

by, you know, making plans.
So I had been thinking about how to be a better blogger (so I can has cookie), specifically, thinking about how I wanted to write more.....immediately.
Not waiting a week for the photos, not waiting for the perfect way to say whatever it is I think I want to say, not talking myself out of what I think I want to say, and re-writing over and over in my head, but just getting the thoughts out. It's part of the creative process, too, the blogging about it, right?
And I was particularly inspired by my podcast listening Friday, and thought about it over the weekend, and reminded myself that I wanted want to stay current, stay in the moment, and go ahead and write what I was thinking and feeling and creating (if only in the back of my mind for now). And the weekend was nice, relaxing and busy at the same time. I sang a solo in church Sunday morning, and went to a Christmas party Sunday afternoon complete with awesome cheesecake and blooper reel. Watched some good movies, did some necessities shopping, had some good cuddling time with My Guy. And pretty much didn't have or take time to write the post that was bubbling.
Since I had a bonus weekend day, I sat down to write that post first thing Monday morning noon before My Guy, who sleeps like a vampire, got up.
And the internets have been out from that moment until just a little bit ago. My Guy even had to take the modem thingy in and have them replace it, and we still have no (internet) phone.
So much for staying in-the-moment, huh?

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