iPod Case

iPod Case
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Way back in maybe November, my Guy gave me a cool felt kit he picked up at B&N. It had four pieces of felt, a couple zippers, a couple buttons, an instruction book, and a few more little notions. This was a very romantic and sweet gift, beings that he got me something that is of interest to me and not at all to him. A lot of gifts are things that he or I would both like, you know, like electronics, music, board games, stuff like that, so this gift was especially thoughtful.
So I wanted to make him something special from the kit. One of the three things that there were both instructions for and supplies for in the kit, was an iPod case for an 'old school' iPod. Perfect. He has exactly that, the 20 gig, almost 1/2 inch thick, no video, first run iPod. The instructions were good for this project, and the colors were great, his favorite color is dark green, and mine is purple, and both were included. The instructions showed an orange fish design on the front of the case, which wasn't really interesting for him or me, so I found the apple logo, and used my own light green felt for the front decoration.
I was so pleased with how the logo turned out, and was happy to bring it home to him, but he foiled my plans!! Just before I gave him the gift of this wonderful case, he had the idea that we should share his iPod! Talk about selling your hair to buy a watch fob!
No, really, it was wonderful of him to want to share it. I can put so many more crafty podcasts on it than my shuffle, and I can actually SEE which ones I'm listening to!
So this nice case will go mostly unused, but I hope, still appreciated. ;p

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