As I mentioned I was particularly inspired by a particular podcast last week. On one of he podcasts I always listen to, Craft Cast I noticed that host Alison Lee was going to interview Kathleen Dustin.
OMG! I thought, KATHLEEN DUSTIN!! Let me mention that in a previous part of my life, the label of choice I allowed myself to be pinned to was not "Crafter", and not just "Artist", but "Polymer Clay Artist". Kathleen was one of the first well-known poly clay artists, and is still doing ground-breaking work.
The interview was wonderful. Alison is so inspiring as an interviewer and artist herself, I really love all her interviews. I know I gush about creative podcasts, but really, if you want to be inspired, listen!
I don't know how, why, or when I stopped thinking of myself as a "Polymer Clay Artist", I think it was just RL (real life) getting in the way. But this podcast flipped a switch in my brain.
Kathleen was explaining the draw of poly clay to Alison, and she said (and this is a HUGE paraphrase on my part) "...polymer clay is the only medium where there is no tool between your fingers and the color, you get to touch it directly..."
I forgot about that part. I want to play with my clay again. So last night, I brought up the big plastic tub with all my clay supplies.
The next two years are clay.

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