Art Journaller : Gathering Supplies

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I'm working slowly on getting started on my Art Journaller project. Partly because I started this right in the heat of the holiday season, and I had to take baby steps, but partly, honestly, just because of being nervous about starting something. At this moment, I have actually done two pages. (WooHoo-right?) But I'm feeling like I'm getting the momentum going, and I'm almost to the down hill side.
Of course, I wanted new or fairly new things for this Art Scout button, special things just for this project. I had purchased this set of watercolor colored pencils a few months ago, and had only tried them out once, so they will be part of my supplies.
Side note: I love colored pencils, I have the set that I first got in college still, with lots more colors added. I love watercolor. I love using my colored pencils with watercolor. I had been working on a funky technique with colored pencils and watercolor a couple years ago. So I thought I'd love watercolor pencils. When I bought these, I wasn't too impressed. I did pick a very inexpensive set, but I think Prang is a good name. Maybe it's just because I had never tried them before. They are part of my Art Journaller supplies, and I will give them another try.
The other thing I bought new, was an artist pen. Back in college, I had a set of four rapidiograph pens, and after college I did not know what a great thing I had, and I let them move on to a new home. So at this point, I was not going to spend a bunch of money on pens. I thought I'd look for maybe a felt tip kind of pen, do they still make Flair pens? I looked at several stores, and didn't find anything like that. And then we had to go to the office store, and this one I knew had a very small section of decent art supplies, I had even seen really good colored pencils there. So when we were looking for mailing supplies, I took a look, and I was very surprised to see some good artist pens as well. I remembered that Amy at CMP has talked about Pitt pens, and there were many sets in a few different colors. I didn't want to go that far just yet, but it would be exciting later on to get a set of 7 different sizes of Pitt pens. Luckily, I found some singles, and for a very nice price.
Next time: What will I put my supplies into?

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