Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Want for Christmas

I figured it's a little late for a wish list for someone to go rush out and purchase something for me, and it's more fun to dream big, and creatively, so here's what I want for Christmas if money and some degree of magic were no object.

  • The power to magically know how to knit. And do it well.
  • And crochet.
  • And understand that knitting/crocheting language that alludes me, but I love listening to. Color-way, tracking (Trekking?), roving, koligu (?), fingerings (or is it fingerLings?), kashmina, stuff like that. It's all Klingon to me.
  • A studio!
  • A Czech bead vacation. I remember seeing an ad several years ago in the back of a beading magazine for a special vacation to the Czech Republic where you got to tour some of the bead factories. I don't know if there is still such a thing, I searched and came up empty. If they don't still offer this vacation, I would substitute a Crafty Chica Cruise.
  • A maid to keep my house picked up, so I would not have to do chores before I create.
  • A kiln.
  • A serger.
  • To never run out of creative podcasts to listen to!
  • For all my artsy/craftsy supplies to already be organized.
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