Someday Your Whole Name Will Be In Lights

My brother's girlfriend had a birthday last week (Happy Birthday, D!), and when I got the e-mail reminder from mySpace Wednesday (not that I had forgotten!), it prompted me to think of something to make for her. I started this Wednesday during my afternoon break, and got most of it done during breaks Thursday and Friday. I had the idea to stop by their place after work Friday if it was finished to deliver it, but it wasn't quite finished then.
This is the first time I've named a pin, I guess that makes it an object d'art. ;p
I did the center of the D first, so I could stuff as I went along the outside. The stuffing went pretty well, better than I expected, it's very poofy.
And the background is my new coat, my early birthday present from My Guy (thanks, Honey!), isn't it luscious?

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