Felt Ric-Rac on Apron

Felt Ric-Rac on Apron
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Or I Sometimes Do What The Voices In My Head Tell Me To

Way back in October, I listened to Craft Cast episode 46, with guest Amy Karol of Angry Chicken. One of the many awesomely cool things they talked about was the wonder of ric-rac, and how ric-rac can beautify all sorts of things including aprons. Craft Cast host, Alison Lee mentioned that she had a utilitarian apron that she had (or was going to) put ric-rac on.
Hey, I thought, that's an awesome idea!! I have a great plain apron that my Mom gave me a few years ago, that would look nice with ric-rac. But, alas, I'm not really a ric-rac kinda gal, I thought.
A few weeks later, perusing the felt in a Joann's store, I found something amazing: FELT RIC-RAC!! OMG, how cool. It was with the scrapbooking supplies, which just goes to show that you have to look in all the departments of the craft store, even if it's not something you normally do. There were a few colors, I got the green one about a yard for a dollar. My next stop was an overstock store, where I found a package with yellow, pink, and green, only a couple feet each, for another dollar.
I finally sewed the ric-rac on to the apron a couple weeks ago, and I just love it. (despite the previous grease stains)

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