Holiday Tags Candy Cane

Holiday Tags Candy Cane
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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I did a little eraser carving. I wanted to do something very angle-ly to start with, so I did a holiday tree, with star. All angles, no curvy parts. Then I tried a little bit of curve with the candy cane stamp, which actually is backwards from how I meant to do it. Gotta remember to think backwards! And lastly, that day, was the To/From stamp, which was going to have little colons after each word to be grammatically correct, but those little buggers were way too curvy for my skill level, and by that point I was getting a little tired.
I think they turned out pretty good for my first attempt at carving in 20 years! We did lino block carving in college, and boy, erasers are sooo much softer than a lino block!
I actually wanted to clean up more of the lines, but Extreeme Artist wouldn't let me, they have been carving in Arts&Humanities High School, and he said I needed to leave some excess lines because that's what that art medium is about. I understand what he means, but I think some of my extra lines are just sloppy not artistic.
I made all our holiday gift tags with the stamps, even though it turned out, my brush markers were mostly dried up, so I had to use the colors I had.
I have some other carving medium that I had purchased a while back, a pink block and a white block that I'm thinking is the same basic material as the white erasers that people say are the best to use. Having those big blocks I think kinda blocked me. ;p They are so big, I didn't want to ruin them with my practicing, so the small erasers were the perfect trial and error medium.

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