Happy Holidays!

I hope you had, or are having, or will have a wonderful holiday time!
And I hope it was/is/will be crafty, too!
I didn't do the 'handmade challenge' this year, but I was definately thinking handmade or creative for gifts. And so were others!
I gave a couple flickr pro accounts, a Make magazine subscription, and a couple kits, (one artsy, one craftsy). Promoting Creativity At Every Turn! I didn't actually give anything handmade by me, but it's easier for me to give handmade whenever, not pressuring myself for a specific holiday or birthday. My mom gave some knifty knitted hats, and my DAD(!) gave a scarf he 'real' knitted. I'm so impressed, my dad can really knit better than I can (and see, Honey, guys really can knit)!
Rawk Star got guitar strings and drumsticks for his creative outlet, and the Extreeme Artist got some paper and canvasses for his (note in the photo, a couple packages with cartoon character Ziggy painting--my mom's cool wrapping job).
I got a f'awesome set of knives that I both wanted and needed, to bolster the creative cook inside, and from Johan (My Guy's son) I got some great painting supplies; small brushes (that would be great for painting miniatures or small paintings), palettes, acrylic paints.

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