So I'm picking up the ArtistExtreeme later after school today, and as he's getting in the car, he asks me if I've ever heard of the Art-O-Mat. Well, of course I have. That's the awesome project where they've taken old cigarette machines and revamped them to dispence art. One of those kind of things that is way too cool to ever come to our town, but maybe someday on a vacation we might get to see one and buy some awesome art.
"Well," he says, "I met the guy that makes them today."
Let me back up a tiny bit. I haven't talked too much about my kids on this blog. That's partly because they are teenagers, telling their own stories on their own pieces of web space, and I'm reminded of how Garp felt when he realized his mother's book had stories about him in it. If I had a blog back when they were little tykes, I probably would have been more of a mommy blogger, but this blog's focus is my creative endevor. But considering that they are both so creative, I'm sure some of their creativity will spill over onto me and my blog.
The ArtistExtreeme is 14, and in his first year of high school. We are lucky enough to have four focus high schools in our school district, including the Arts and Humanities high school, where the ArtistExtreeme attends. He goes to his regular high school for two periods first thing in the morning, then walks a couple blocks to the A&H high school. (We're also very lucky that the one A&H high school is right across the way from our regular high school)
So it turns out that the University of Nebraska (which is located in our fair city) arranged to have an Art-O-Mat installed in the theatre close to campus. Clark Whittington, the Art-O-Mat creator was in town for a week, mostly at the University, but today, he was as the Arts & Humanities high school.
How freeking cool is that!!??
I wish I could have gone to school with him today!

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