Angel Pin

Angel Pin
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I've been doing lots of felt embroidery, in the form of pins. I've discovered that a small felt pin is a perfect thing to work on. I can get a lot done durning my work breaks, often I'll do the cutting out of the pieces during that time. And while at work, when there are little waiting periods, waiting for the computer program to finish processing, I can get a few stitches in. I'm keeping the current pin pieces and embroidery thread and supplies in my little lunchbox, so it easily goes from work to home, and I can sneak in a few stitches waiting for my computer at home, too. It's fairly easy to pull out the little lunchbox anywhere, and I'm getting better at 'crafting in public'. So far that's been my grandma's house, a game day, and (not felt, but still in public) a coffee shop.
This little angel was made specifically for a work friend who is moving out of state. I was her 'Secret Santa' last year, and I remembered that she loves angels. The angel is made up of three pieces, a heart, triangle, and circle. The pin itself is 2 3/4", which is a little big, I think for regular wearing. I figure this size pin will be good to put on a coat, hat, or bag.

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