The Best Fall Photo

Fall Tree
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This morning I found myself very early for work, since RawkStar wanted to get to school early to help someone with math homework (?) and ArtistExtreeme was home sick. I even stopped for coffee, and I was still very early. As I parked my car in the parking lot that is bordered with trees, I noticed that the breeze was causing some of the leaves to fall like rain. It was beautiful!
Since I have my camera in my work tote (where I carry all my felt and floss back and forth from home to work), and because I was so early, I decided to not just think it was beautiful and walk away, to maybe wish later that I had taken a moment to get some photos. I pulled my camera out of my tote, where it sat with my purse and keys on my seat, my purchased coffee, Texas Pecan, on the floor, I left my door hanging open, since the parking lot was empty, and walked a few steps to snap a few shots.
Of course, when my camera was ready, the breeze wasn't knocking the leaves off, and when the leaves started falling again, my camera was taking it's few seconds to get ready for the next shot. I moved back closer to my car, gently pushed the door almost closed, and got a few more shots. And finally got one with raining leaves.

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So I was happy, I got some good shots, and one great shot, and now it was time to actually go in to work, still early, but I could do some embroidery before getting down to the grind. And I went to get my stuff out of my car, purse, keys, work badge, tote, coffee, and it was LOCKED!!
Somehow the habit of locking my doors everytime I get out must have taken over when I climbed out, even though I was only stepping out for photographs. So now I'm locked out of my car with no coffee!
Good thing it was still early. I walked over to work, called Triple A, walked back, and waited in the fall sunshine for only a few minutes before the locksmith van pulled up and rescued my stuff from my car.
And yes, I told him the story of why I had gotten locked out. And that he was my Hero (for today). And that the most important part was my coffee. And I wasn't even late for work

Here it is, The Best Fall Photo, complete with funny story behind it, and wonderful memory of a crisp fall day.
Leaves falling like rain

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