Gamey Vacation Report. Part 2-Electric Bugaloo

Sketch of Miniature
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One of the activities at the gaming convention was a 'make and take' paint your own miniature. You could paint one per day, free paint and miniatures provided by Reaper. If you've never seen painted miniatures, you're missing out. First of all, they are tiny little sculptures, which I mistakenly thought were origionally carved much larger then the molds were shrunk down. So who ever is out there carving these tiny things, those folks are amazing. Secondly, there are some people who paint minis as a hobby that paint these tiny things so fantastically. I have only painted minis at conventions, so I have just a handfull.
On Saturday, there was also a painting miniatures class, which it worked out that I was able to go to. That is where I painted the miniature in the last post. I learned a layering, a wash, and a drybrush technique that are secrets of the wonderfully painted minis, and these techniques work translated into other mediums.
Another thing that was advertized that piqued my creative interest was an "Artist's Jam". It wasn't scheduled at any specific time, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I brought my sketch pad and some pencils.
I guess I was maybe imagining that there would be something at the "Artist's Jam" to sketch. Like a model of some sort, not necessarily live, but I'm not really the sketcher that can just sit and draw whatever, so I dug the mini I had painted to use as my tiny model, and the picture here is the result of my "Jamming", just some figure sketching of the mini.
After a few more games, I came back to the "Artist's Jam" area, and started on my felted Zombie. It wasn't specifically about sketching, I had realized, and although I am very proud of myself for sketching in public, and with others, the "Jam" was more about being together each doing our own thing, and I was more comfortable with my needle than I was with my pencil that day.

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