Gamey Vacation Report. The Final Chapter

Skeleton Miniature
Originally uploaded by seeshells.
Here's the other miniature I painted. I learned that skeletons are super easy to paint if you use two techniques: a wash, and drybrushing. First, you wash the whole mini in dark brown or black (I, of course, can't follow directions and had to use dark purple), using a wash of miniature paint and water. When that is completely dry, you drybrush your cream or white (or in my world, orc flesh green). The trick to drybrushing miniatures, and I think this trick goes for any kind of drybrushing, is to make sure you don't have too much paint on your brush. This means you have to go over it several times, but that's better than too much paint.
Keeping my eyes peeled for creativity and artistic ideas, I noticed the beautiful fountain the campus had. The campus was in general very beautiful, and it was way cool to be outdoors in the middle of the night after gaming into all hours, and walk through the campus.
I was also very inspired by being able to join in some playtesting of new games. Games that may some day have beautiful bits, while in playtesting mode are just on index cards with self-laminated chits. Very fun to play games while they are still in their infancy. I am inspired to work on my own games soon.

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