Gamey Vacation Report. Part 1

Painted Miniature
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When we last left our hera, she was about to head out to a weekend game convention, complete with tiny new purse.
Well, the purse has lasted quite well, with only a few small issues about it's, well, smallness. But more on the tiny purse another time.
On to the report from the Game Convention!!
I took off the whole day Friday, tho we were leaving town around 3:00, and finished the shopping and packing Friday morning. One thing I needed to pack, to figure out, was a small project. I really wanted something that I could work on quickly and easily, and would fit in a small space. If I were a knitter or crocheter, I imagine projects would be easy to take along, but even those would be bigger than what I wanted to take with me this time. Since I've been doing the felt embroidery lately, I decided I could easily take some cut pieces of felt, tiny scissors, and a few colors of embroidery floss, and they would all fit in my small (4x5) tin lunchbox. But what project to start?
After looking around Crafster last week, I saw this awesome zombie doll, and it made me think, Hmmmm, I could felt embroidery a zombie!
So, in a rush, because by the time I did the errands I had to do Friday morning, I was somehow behind schedule, I cut out some free form shapes based on a couple zombie face sketches I had done. At the last minute, I realized I had forgotton to bring home the needle from work that I had been using, and had to dig out an old needle that was bent, but at least I found one!

I didn't end up having a lot of time to embroider, but that means I was busy with other things, but I got one eye socket done while I was there. Other artsy/craftsy goodness of the weekend included the artist's jam, painting miniatures like the one shown, and tons of great ideas and inspiration.
More on the specifics later.

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