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Felt Flower
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For the last maybe 3 years, I have only purchased my purses at thrift stores. Kinda a nose-thumbing at fashion, and our spendy society. Plus, I love the thrill of the thrifty hunt!
Unfortunately, each purse seems to have gotten bigger and bigger, until I felt like I was walking sideways and always have neck pain. So I decided to get small! I've been looking for a small purse for the last few weeks (I thrift probably on average of 1.5 times a week), and one issue has been what to do about the wallet? I've been 'in progress' on a cool duct tape wallet, but I don't want to wait on that because I'm paused at a couple design dilemmas and who knows when I'll get those worked out. So I decided that a little purse with wallet area built right in would work great. For now. We have to be flexible about these things.

Purse Hacking
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Last Saturday, the ArtistExtreeme (my younger son) and I had a little outing while most of the rest of the house was still asleep. Coffee shop, thrift stores, foreign food store (with Kinder Eggs!), it was a great morning. And I found this adorable little purse. Mostly adorable. I love denim, so that's a bonus. And it does have the wallet area, but not really a lot of other room. It had an area that must have been for make-up that I had to overhaul, and I wanted to take off any/all brand name.
The felted flower patch was one priority before I would carry it, as there was a metal logo stuck on right there that was not coming off without ruining the pocket that it's on. More hacks &/or decorations will follow, as now I'm considering the tiny purse a tiny portable canvas and a great way to continue working on my felt embroidering.
But I got the flower patch done yesterday, just in time to load it up last night. I'm off this morning for the last minute purchases that always accompany a vacation, and we leave this afternoon!
Nothing like baptism by fire! We'll see how the purse fares on the vacation. Of course, I will still be carrying a tote bag also most of the weekend, because I need my sketch pad for the Artist's Jam, and my coffee cup, and my camera, and a tin with more felt for the next project, and whatever I pick up at the convention. Oh, and dice! I'm sure I'll be carrying lots of dice!

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