Halloween Crafts

Jack O' Lanterns
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Speaking of Halloween ideas, we picked up the special Halloween edition of Make magazine, it's chock-full of awesome ideas. And they have more Halloween coolness on their site, too. Including some very interesting contests, costume, food, decorations, and even a contest for just linking to them.
I thought I'd find some Halloween photos to share, it's all about the creativity. I guess most of my photos from when the guys were little aren't digital, I'll have to find and scan some of those.
Here are our pumpkins from a few years ago. Mine is the eyeball, not my best work (I did a Pikachu pumpkin one year that was awesome). The ExtreemArtist did the center one, complete with not only toothpicks, but a knife and corkscrew imbedded in the 'head'.

These photos are a few years old, when they weren't 'too old' for going out trick-or-treating, but old enough to do their make-up mostly by themselves. That's the fun part, anyway.

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