Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Do When You Have Nothing Else to

  • Bead a little. I keep a beading project next to the computer for when I'm waiting for things to load.
  • Blog Surf. Always looking for cool things.
  • Paint coins. An on-going art project.
  • Look through idea book. I have a little notebook full of ideas, sometimes I just look through the ideas I've already written, to inspire more ideas to write.
  • Sort through e-mails or bookmarks. Gotta get more organized!
  • Stretch. Especially sitting at work. Get the blood flowing again.
  • Chores. (OK, the fact that I put chores in the catagory of things to do when I have nothing else to do should tell you what my house looks like! Very artsy. Cluttered and artsy.)
  • Go to the bathroom. At work, it's a nice little stroll to the bathroom and back, and I might see someone to talk to.
  • Doodle.
  • Clean off my desk or purse.
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