No, that's not baby talk. It's a new site for making a wishlist, or weblist, thus the name. I found it a few weeks ago, and I thought this would be handy, being able to list things from any website, not just things you would like from one specific site. It's great for birthday wishlists, and as I played around adding things, I discovered that some people aren't just adding things they would like to purchase, but tutorials of things they would like to make! Like a pdf of a quilt pattern, sock instructions, or halloween ideas.
I personally have added a tutorial for an awesome Knifty Knitted bag from Canadian Crafter to my Wist, I've been keeping it bookmarked for that day when I actually try it. And I've found a few tutorials that I had to book mark after browsing other people's Wists, too.
Check it out!

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Kansas A said...

Thanks for introducing me to Wists! What a great thing :) Now I might get organized LOL