How Lame am I?

So what kind of a clod-blogger am I? No posts from one Tuesday meme 'till the next? That's not right. And boy, do I have excuses! Big project at home (switching kids' rooms), one gal gone from work for a couple weeks (so instead of doing 1/3 of the daily work, I have had to do 1/2--and not have as much 'thinking about creativity' time at work), getting ready for school (finishing summer things with the kids, and school shopping), posting a Thing every day (which I have to do before posting to this blog, because that one is a contest--and I can't let him win!), and working on multiples of the same project for the opening of my Etsy shop!
I'm even lamer because when I was trying to do some cleaning up on the site, I accidentally deleted my Zombie mask post. Duh.
So what's coming up? Well, first, fixing that post! The things I'm making to sell in my Etsy shop (no link yet, as I haven't actually opened it yet), I said I would keep making them until I was sick of them. And I've pretty much about reached that limit! Altho, as I type, another one is next to my keyboard that I'm working on as I blog. I've got a scarf started on the blue Knifty Knitter loom, and I've got a couple other KK Loom ideas, including experimenting with making a bucket hat, and trying out various non yarn materials on the looms. I'm playing with shrinkie art. I finally found the percent bars to put on the sidebar and keep me honest about how many projects I've got goign at the same time, and at what stage they are at. I put the kids in search of a tennis ball for another project from the Carol Duval newsletter, and they found me one! Thinking about a sketch-a-day weekly or monthly project. Looking for some swaps. Thinking more on the retro project, and bought supplies to make an awesome retro project hopefully this week with the kids.
Stay tuned!

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