Ten on Tuesday

10 things You Like About Your Job

  • We get good vacation and sick leave, and you get more the longer you're there.
  • Twelve paid holidays. Only in Nebraska could you get Arbor Day off (because this is where Arbor Day started)
  • After a year as a 'staff assistant' I got a better position in the same office, so I already knew everyone!
  • I've met some awesome friends there, life friends, not just work friends.
  • I'm finally making almost what I was making at my wonderful job, which was four years ago this month.
  • We're right downtown, so we can get great lunch.
  • It's only about 7 minutes from home, and I can easily come home for lunch to spend time with my guy. (Because our schedules are off, and that's one of the only times I get to see him.)
  • There is some amount of challenge to the work, so I don't get bored, but it's not high pressure.
  • Most of my work is done on the computer.
  • I get to use my breaks to work on projects. And since my job itself isn't creative, I don't burn out creatively.
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