First Painting

Coffee Painting
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My guy thinks of me as the artsy one. Which is accurate, I suppose, in that I am creative in the arts and crafts more than he is. He doesn't consider himself either artsy or craftsy, his creativity lies in other areas. Being me, and believing that we can all tap into that inner artist, I challenge him from time to time.
I got this painting kit as one of the monthly installments in the craft of the month club that I am in. It wasn't quite a paint-by-number, it had the whole picture on the canvas, in different shades of grey. It had 5-6 tubes of paint, which the instructions told you how to mix, and you paint over the different colors of grey.
I thought this might challenge him for a Thing, so I gave it to him. That was months ago. I figured it didn't challenge him after all, but the other night, he asked me where it was.
I think it's pretty good for a first time, but more important, he enjoyed the experience. He said he learned how to mix paint. I know that the difference of using a paintbrush vs. pen or computer is huge. He may even try painting again.


Anonymous said...

All week long, my TV station is doing stories on art and the mentally challenged. That's how I feel, it's relaxing me from listening to the demons in my head telling me to kill the president.

Oh wait, that's just the TV telling me that.


Zoe said...

Ah thats awsome :-)

Anonymous said...

It would fit in my kitchen and I would hang it.