Cell Phone Holder

At our house, we don't, as a general rule, like cell phones. So we had not agreed to join the rest of the world (or the 21st century) until recently, when my guy was visiting a sick friend in the hospital in another town. The calling card I had bought him didn't work, and he drove around for two hours looking for somewhere that sold calling cards, then looking for an appropriate pay phone to use. The friend told him about her pay-as-you-go plan, which sounded good to him, so I decided it was time. The phone is small, and is the kind that doesn't fold, so I wanted to make something to protect it in my purse (where it will lay most of the time).

Denim Cell Phone Holder-Inside
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I decided to make the case out of denim, with felt on the inside. Boy, was it hard to not bead the whole thing! But since my guy will carry it with him when he travels, and the kids might even carry it with them once in a while, I decided to make this case not too girly. Maybe I'll have to make another case at some point, all beaded and glittery! That will have to be another day.
I figured a simple pouch would work fine, and cut the denim long enough to wrap around fold over, with a seam allowance on one side, and the bottom finished edge of the jeans for the other side, so I wouldn't have to finish both sides!

I cut the felt smaller than the denim by a couple inches, and started the sewing with the edge I had to finish myself. The worst part, and the part I may still change is the velcro. It's suposed to be sticky, but I know from another project, that the sticky doesn't stay sticky, so I decided to also sew it on. It was very hard to sew through, and the needle and thread got completly sticky, and I think it looks kinda crappy. Maybe I'll rip it out and sew on a button and loop instead.
When I sewed the pocket part in, I poofed in some extra room, so it kinda stands up by itself. I'd seen cell phone pouches with side pieces, and didn't think I needed to do that.

The best part for me is the fringe. I think that's why I picked denim in the first place. I sewed it all with a double stitch that seems to be very strong. I sewed the sides along the edge of the felt, and then the fringing began. Boy, am I glad I have a seam ripper. It's a cheap-o one, but it still works. The right tool I guess.

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