Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things You Will NEVER Do Again...*
  • Glue my fingers together with superglue just to see if it really works
  • Be afraid to use lots of colors together
  • Buy supplies for everyone else, and not buy myself something
  • Paint without spreading newspaper underneath
  • Forget to leave seam allowance
  • Nail my project to the furniture
  • Be too shy to take a photo
  • Use a hot glue gun far from a water source (or burn cream)
  • Give something I created as a gift without trying it out first to make sure it won't break
  • Be my own worst critic

    *Thinking about this list, I realized it has the potential of being very embarrassing (I'll never again wear a skirt with no undies on a windy day) or very sad (I'll never again be pregnant and have a baby), so I decided to stick with this blog's creative slant, and make my list of things I'll never do again in the realm of arts and crafts.
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