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Box of Wire
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Once upon a time, about 10 years ago or so, I was working at my wonderful job, in a dongeonly cube, and some rewiring had to be done right above my head. So for a few weeks, off and on, there would be a ladder and a electrical dude in my cube with me. I got to be aquainted with my electriction intruder, and when he'd cut chunks of wire off and toss them to the floor, I'd look at them, and just wonder what I could do with them. More and more chunks found their way to the floor, and I finally had to ask him what would happen to that wonderful colorful wirey pile? The trash, he said, it was useless stuff now. Useless to them, perhaps, but not useless to me!
So I asked him if I could have the wire he was throwing away, he was curious, but agreed. I first made a tree sculpture (no picture available) with thin copper wire, the kind that there are 100s of inside some of the plastic coating. I wound together a big bunch for the trunk, seperated into smaller bunches for branches, and seperated them all individually and put beads on the ends for the leaves. I used yellow, orange, and red beads because they looked good with the copper, so it was a fall tree. I brought the tree to work, partly to show the elecrition what I was doing with his junk wire. He thought it was very cool, as did all my coworkers. One guy fell in love with it so much that he had to have it, which is why I have no picture.

Wire Flower
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This flower was one of a set I made. Back at my wonderful job, one thing they encouraged was every employee setting up a team of fellow employees that would be their cheerleaders, kinda. Like a set of coaches is maybe a better way to say it. I made one flower like this for each of my coaching people, and this one for me. I hope they still have theirs, and think of me sometimes when they see it!
So when I wanted to make something quick, and I had just brought up a box of wire for the chair project, I thought of this flower, and luckily, I had a tiny bottle to put some wire flowers in.

This project was my Thing for today.
Wire Flowers

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