Wood & Turquoise Earrings
One of the things I love about making jewelry is making things that match. Well, I guess I'd have to say that about most crafty things, sewing too. I'll have to post a photo of my mom and I in matching outfits when I was little, that's probably where I got started with the matching stuff!
Anyway, I got this new skirt, see the small photo, it's mostly brown, with a sage green stripe and a dark turquoise stripe at the bottom. I actually purchased three shirts to go with it (two in the green, one in the turquoise), because the colors were so perfect, because I have other things to wear with those colors, because the prices were very reasonable, because people have told me I look good in that color green, and because that color blue is one of my favorites, and I'll wear it even if no one ever tells me it looks good on me! ;p Plus, I hate when I decide later that I should have bought a shirt in more than one color, or that I don't have anything to match something which has happened too often, because I'm trying to limit my clothing budget too much.
All that being said, I'm going to wear these clothes for a while. So I decided I needed a pair of earrings to go with the whole set. I knew I had a few turquoise chips left from a long time ago, and I knew I had some cool wooden beads, and some rice beads in that color green, so I didn't have to purchase anything to make these earrings, that's a bonus, too.
Wood & Turquoise Earrings CU

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