Stay Tuned

Sorry I've been neglecting this little blog lately. The last almost two months now, my guy and I have been working on our new blog. The concept over there, (and sorry, I think I've mentioned this before) is that he and I each post someTHING every weekday, as a contest. For me, a lot of the 'things' I've posted are artsy/craftsy, but not all, and so I've been trying to work out how (not IF) I was going to be able to work both blogs, because I think we are really going for a different audience over there than I have here. (or had before I stopped posting for a while!)
What my plan is now, is that when my 'thing' would easily cross over, ie, artsy, craftsy, creative-y, I'll cross post, and basically just copy what I posted there, and put it here, too. If I'm not sure if my 'thing' would suit this audience, I'll leave it over there, and you can choose if you want to go over there. On the 'thing' blog, I usually just post a finished project, but here, I would like to give more information on the background of why and how I made it, maybe some hints or questions.
I am going to go back through the posts over there, and repost them here, and leave the date that I posted it there, so anyone RSS-ing, you'll get a bunch of pings this weekend, and they won't seem 'new' but they're new here.
Did any/all of that make sense?

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