February Habit

So February is over, and I did my habit every day...well, to be perfectly honest, I missed the LAST DAY!! I was so excited that I had remembered to take a photo every day (even though I haven't uploaded them all yet), even when I forgot that day until the last minute, and had to find something interesting to shoot right before bed, so excited that I forgot to take that last shot! Silly me! I've tried a couple times to put a little flickr badge of just those shots here, but either I get too much white space that I can't get rid of, or the code is off, so I'll just give you a link! So did anyone else do a February habit? How did it turn out?
I'm proud to report that I've been doing my Artist Way morning pages for over two months now. What that is doing for me, I'm not yet sure, but it's becoming a habit, that's for sure.
The photo a day habit did help me stretch my photographic 'eye' a bit. I experimented or re-experimented with a few cool things, and probably most of all, I looked through a lot of great photos on flickr to get more great ideas.

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